Polish Chrome and Aluminum and Remove Oxidation the Best Way

If you need to polish metals such as Gold, Silver, Chrome and Aluminum, make sure you use the correct polishing agent in order to avoid damaging the surface of your metal. Aluminum polish and Chrome polish each contain unique chemicals, which are only formulated to work on that specific metal. It is important to use the correct formula when polishing aluminum wheels to avoid any unwanted harm to the surface. Our polishing pads work effectively for oxidation removal on all surfaces—especially aluminum and chrome.

If you drive on any road that has been treated for icy conditions, it may have been sprayed with magnesium, calcium or sodium chloride.  These elements can cause damage to your chrome or aluminum wheels. Make sure you wash with water and soap if your wheels have been exposed to any of these things on the road. You may potentially damage the surface if you use a soap or cleaner that is too strong—so use a mild soap and then follow with an Ecology Polishing Pad for a perfect shine!

Whether you are looking to polish chrome, aluminum, or any other metal, our Ecology Polishing Pads are the safest way to get the results you seek. Using one of our jewelry polishing cloth ensures that you will eliminate any damage to the metal surface.  

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