The Truth About Your Favorite Jewlery Polishers

While polishing cloths and certain jewelry polishers can be harmful to not only your jewelry, but also to humans. Certain cleaning products contain chemicals such as ammonia and tetra acetic acid, which can cause eye and skin irritation and kidney and reproductive damage.  Keeping these cleaners in your home if you have small children can be potentially hazardous or even fatal if a child was to ingest this cleaner.  These chemicals, and countless others that are added into your favorite jewelry cleaners are harmful to the environment as well.


In addition, jewelry cloths and polishes are oftentimes only suitable for diamonds and highly durable jewelry.  This is unfortunate if you enjoy costume jewelry or metals such as copper.  Sometimes Copper is jewelry has an added patina in which case a standard jewelry cloth with chemicals may rub off this patina. Cloths can also be abrasive which can result in scratches in your copper and other types of delicate jewelry.


Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can be very harmful to certain metal finishes and gemstones such as opals, pearls, and amber.  All this being said, to accommodate a woman’s large collection of jewelry, it isn’t out of the question that multiple jewelry cleaners must be purchased to ensure all jewelry is safe.  However, Ecology Polishing Pads are versatile enough to clean EVERY type of jewelry and precious metal—and the best part is you are protecting yourself, your children, and the environment with a totally affordable solution!