Part Two: Use a natural jewelry polisher on the Top 4 Most expensive Gems

We have reached the top of the list, which include the most exclusive and expensive gems that money can buy.  While it may be safe to assume that most people will never own one of these extremely rare stones, they are nonetheless very delicate and any jewelry polishing should be handled with care.


4-Blue Garnet

This beautiful blue stone contains a unique mineral named Vanadium.  This Vanadium is responsible for changing the gems colors—blue garnet becomes a greenish-blue by day and a purple by night. If you wish to purchase this gem, it will run around $1.5 million per carat.



Serendibite is a crystallized mineral that is rare and translucent.  This black gem originated in the Sagaing District, Mogok Burma and the Mandalay Division until Sri Lanka.  For $1.8-$2 million per carat, a very special jewelry cleaning agent is in order.


2-Red Diamonds

The Red Diamond is the second most expensive stone that exists in the world today.  The Red Shield is to date the largest found Red Diamond, which is 5.11 carats and valued at over $10 million dollars.   Current value of a Red Diamond is $2-2.5 million per carat.



Jadeite, the most expensive stone, was actually found by an explorer in Guatemala and California.  A beautiful green hew, this gem made news when 27 pieces of .5mm was sold for $9.3 million in Hong Kong in 1997. If you were to purchase a carat of Jadeite it would cost you around $3 million a carat.


If you are fortunate enough to own even a tiny piece of any of these exquisite gems, it is important to have the right jewelry polisher to ensure protection of the gem.