The Top 10 Most Expensive Gems Part One

When most people think of the most expensive gem in the world, the Diamond may come to mind.  While the diamond is no doubt an expensive stone to own, there are a few lesser know gems that top the list.  Given the rarity and delicacy of these stones, the only safe jewelry polishing cloths that can be used are our very own Ecology Polishing Pads.


10-Jeremejevite-Namibia, Africa

This gem is found in sky blue or pale yellow colors and is colorless. The gem was discovered by Pavel Jeremejev a Russian mineralogist in 1883.   A carat of Jeremejevite goes for $2,000.


9-Black Opal-Australia

The Black Opal is a magical gem that exhibits the most brilliant of all colors imaginable.  While 95% of Black opals are from Australia, they rest are mind in Brazil, Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, and parts of Africa.  These go for $2,355 per carat.


8-Red Beryl Emerald-Utah, US.

In the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah this exquisite red emerald is found. Under high temperature and low pressure, the Red Beryl occurs on ryolite where it is crystallized.  If you have deep pockets, you can buy a rare cut specimen for $10,000 per carat.



While first discovered in Australia, the Musgravite has now been found in Madagascar and Greenland.  Musgravite is one of the newest gems composed on Beryllium, Aluminum, and Magnesium.  At $35,000 per carat, this isn’t your average combination of scientific elements.



A beautiful greenish blue stone found mainly in Madagascar, the only clean faceted specimen to this day was found in Sri Lanka.  The stone was named after Alfred Grandidier, a French explorer and runs a steep $50,000 per ½ carat!



Once called the rarest mineral on earth, this gem is still among the scarcest in the world.  Discovered in the 1950’s, this orangish-red to brownish-red in color stone naturally occurs in a hexagonal shape.  If you want to get your hands on one of these, it will run you $50,000-$60,000 per carat.

Whether you have jewelry set with diamonds, or the very rare Musgravite, it is vitally important to choose the right jewelry cleaner as to not damage any of the stones natural qualities.