Polish Silver Safely with these Tips

Good-Looking and lustrous, sterling silver is a very versatile metal.  The classic feel on silver items such as flatware, dishes, and jewelry can be attributed to its soft and finish.  While beautiful, this metal more inclined to stains, tarnish and scratches of various levels.  Here are a few things to keep in mind which will hopefully keep your silver in nice condition.


1)   Be sure to clean your silver each time you use it.  By gently washing and wiping down silver and using our Ecology Polishing Pads, you can either prevent or remove tarnish on your silver flatware or jewelry.  Keep in mind, rubber gloves may corrode silver so do not use them when cleaning.

2)   As soon as tarnish can be seen, polish silver.  Silver has a tendency to develop silver over time. Using a silver cleaner will help to rid of tarnish and remove oxidation.  With special pieces that are delicate or include intricate etchings, or special silver collector coins, make sure you check with a jewelry professional to ensure polishing silver is safe.

3)   A quick bath can brighten silver. “Silver Dips” are referred to by professionals as simple and quick acting silver cleaners.   When using these dips, make sure to only soak your silver briefly as these can contain harsh chemicals. Do not use these dips on silver with an oxidized or a gray finish as this can be damaging.  Ecology Pads are the best bet for polishing silver safely.

4)   Silver will be better preserved if stored correctly.  When you are not using your flatware or wearing silver jewelry, make sure you store these items in a protective soft bag to prevent oxidation. Polish silver regularly to keep it looking shiny and new!